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Tari June Goerlitz is a mixed-media artist and writer who has lived outside of the United States for the majority of her adult life.

Growing up in northern Minnesota, she learned to sew at a very young age.  As a child she was fascinated with letters and calligraphy.  Her artwork contains observations on culture expressed through a playful dialog between photography, typography, sewing, painting, printing and collage.

While living in Germany in 2008 she began a blog documenting her journey as a creative expatriate.  She illustrated her blog posts with photography and artwork she created in response to her new and unfamiliar surroundings.  During this time she developed themes that continue to occur in her work:  a sense of place, personal identities, and cultural iconography.  Even before the rise of social media she made thousands of connections by trading mail art and sharing her stories with people from all over the world.

Since returning to the United States she earned her Book Arts Certificate from the MN Center for Book Arts.  She now uses her binding, paper making and letterpress skills to create handmade journals.

In 2013 TJ experienced a medical emergency behind the wheel of her vehicle less than a mile from the clinic where a vaccine was administered.  It has been a struggle for her to overcome a host of problems including vision, balance, and sensory changes.  Since she’d been journaling for years, it was natural that her pages became the place where she was able to document her journey towards healing and recovery.  Now medical themes have started to pop up in her work; suspicion of prescriptions, profit in medicine, trusting health care professionals, and gas lighting.

Tari’s artwork has been published in several of Patti Digh’s books including Life is a Verb as well as Inner Hero Creative Art Journal (Quinn McDonald) and her artist book, Call and Answer was chosen for best of mixed media in Incite, Dreams Realized, 2013.
Her artwork has been exhibited internationally.

The former illustrator of the Business of Art column for one of the largest publications in mixed media, Somerset Studio, she currently offers advice on arts and crafts questions through her Flawsome Friday posts.  She also writes a monthly humor column for the millions of readers of The Sewing Loft blog.  She is married to her German husband Marcus and they share a son, German-born Lars.  They have a German short-haired pointer, Lucky.  She is a proud member of the Colleagues of Calligraphy.






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