Summer Sewing Score

TJ Goerlitz shares her vintage pincushionAs promised I wanted to pop in and share some of the great things I’ve scored over the summer while setting up my new work space.

Gang, let me tell you… my cousin showed me Craigslist when I first moved home.  I totally did not get it.  There was no such thing in Germany.  I don’t know who Craig is or what is up with him but man is that some fun stuff to dig through.  There is no doubt a bunch of crazy mixed in with all the honest to goodness transactions but that’s what makes it all the more entertaining and fun.

Studio Mailbox vintage sewing table.

First up is my new sewing table!  Thirty hard earned dollars scored me a vintage butter-colored dressing table.  It has four deep drawers and eight sweet little casters on the bottom in case you want to waltz around the room with it.  DrawerHandleThe handles have these little strips of tortoise-shell plastic floating over the metal grips.  I’m not sure how great it will be to sew at because it’s not very deep.  Yet having lived all over I know that half of the battle is just having the machine out and available for use.  Everything else can be worked around.  Plus this has got to beat the old drop leaf table I used to use.  Believe me, that thing was an accident waiting to happen.  (Think heavy machine, drop leaf…what could possibly go wrong?)

TJ Goerlitz shares Studio Mailbox's summer fabric score, a T'ung Shan PrintMy next cool find was a bunch of fabric from a rummage sale.  Among the stack was a very special one.  I have no idea what it is but it’s labeled as a T’ung Shan Print.  I tried to google the name and was only able to find some other expensive fabric for sale on ebay.  So if anybody knows this designer or what I have had the good fortune to score, please let me in on it!  It looks like linen but it feels like silk.  I washed it in cold with Woolite and let it dry outside to air out.  I am giddy with the thought of making something with this beautiful botanical print.

TJ Goerlitz shares Studio Mailbox's summer fabric score, a T'ung Shan Print


My last little treasure came from a local thrift shop, Sideshow Vintage.  This place was crazy cool!  I swear Evil Knievel’s helmet is there floating above the clientele on a chopper motorcycle.

PincushionWhen I saw this flapper-style lady pin cushion I was done for.  Once you see something like this you can hardly un-see it.  Now she’s mine, all mine!

There’s more picked treasures to come.  Until then, tell me what your best finds have been lately!

7 thoughts on “Summer Sewing Score

  1. Petra

    O, I love these! Especially the pin-cushion lady…

    My best recent find is more like the best-3€-sale ever: dozens of cute buttons (got some with your name, erm, Edelweiß on them), two gold-lined glass ashtrays from the 50s, a vase, a kid’s stove pot from the 70s and a wooden chinese teabox. When he said 3€, I didn’t even haggle. Smile, pay and get out of there before he changes his mind. I’m so easy to please, haha.

  2. Veronika

    What a lovely new home you have here, I knew you moved countries but I didn’t know you move blog home, I like it here. So nice to see your creativity unleashed again 🙂

    1. Post author

      Veronika, just today I unearthed my amazing pretzel illustration and now I am searching the perfect frame to hang it in my new space. I will send you a pic. I think this means you DO need to come visit…

  3. QuinnCreative

    Such fabulous finds! I’ve bought (and sold) all sorts of treasures on Craig’s list and met some fun people. Also gotten some, ummm, interesting offers. But, it’s Craig’s list!

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