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Inner Hero Contributor.  TJ GoerlitzIt’s really fun contributing to books.  There’s this process of submitting artwork, filling out some papers and then…BOOM!  Months later you get something in your email showing you how your work was included.  Then the publisher or the author sends you a contributor copy (and then the thing to do is take a selfie right away).

Inner Hero Creative Art Journal is by Quinn McDonald.  This is a book about squashing that inner critic that rears it’s head when we’re working.  Quinn has written a book guiding us on how to replace that inner critic with our own inner heroes.

When I submitted my artwork I thought about my own inner hero and immediately visualized a totem that included a hawk.  I went back to my notes that I wrote when I made it:

HeroCardWhen I tap into my inner hero, it takes the form of a totem.  My hero stands tall and proud, looking over my artwork from a higher perspective than the critics I often struggle with.  I can actually feel it in my spine! I know that if I can just sit up and look objectively at what I’ve created that any critical reactions will start fading away.  My hero has learned to pull away from my own emotional connection to the artwork and instead take it in with a bird’s eye view.

My artwork was compact.  I made a pop out card for Quinn so that if she wanted to she could drag it around when she teaches and travels.  The front had intersecting words, the inside had the hawk and the back had the handwritten text in journal form.

I started the card with watercolor and then once it was dry I worked over it with spray inks, stencils and markers.  The hawk was made with hand marbled paper and free form machine stitching.  I loved how the marbling really looks like bird feathers!!



TJ Goerlitz, Hero TotemI’m really into totems and cairns lately.  I have been journaling with “stacks of stuff” for over a year now.  If I come across a stack of rocks or a totem somewhere, I’m a spaz.

TJ Goerlitz Hero Artwork

Sometimes journaling is like an entry for a diary and sometimes it’s more of a stream of consciousness.  Maybe it’s a gateway to poetry slamming!  I’ve got to say when I saw my writing typed out in plain text in the book I gasped and thought, “Oh wow. That sounds nuts!”  And then I picked up a meat tenderizer and whacked my inner critic over the head.  It sounds however it sounds and that’s that.  Yet there is a difference to whether something is typed out the way we normally read or if it’s words that are all scrawled out and manipulated to fit over an art journal page!

HeroATCsI kept the portion of the paper I cut off from the original artwork and made some scrap ATCs from it.  Quinn has generously offered a signed copy of her book that’s up for grabs so this means it’s time for a little giveaway!

Leave a comment below sharing something about your inner critic or heroes.  I will read through and pick a grand prize winner of the book, an ATC and marbled paper.

Second and third place winners will receive ATCs and marbled paper.  Let’s take comments through Monday, March 3 when the winners are chosen.

Thanks to Quinn and North Light Books for including my artwork… now let’s all work the exercises to exorcise those inner critics..!

24 thoughts on “Inner Hero Giveway

  1. quinncreative

    I took your inner hero page to the book launch/signing last week. It got a LOT of oooohhs and aaahhhs, and everyone who unfolded it asked, “How did she DO that?” Your inner hero is a star!

  2. iHanna

    Hi TJ, congrats on being in the book, I was so happy when I found your art inside it and linked to you in my own giveaway/review! Your totem is sooo cool, and like Quinn says: a star!

    1. Post author

      Hanna’s in the house!! Hello old friend. Thanks for stopping by & for the kind words about my contribution… xxtj

    1. Post author

      Hi Soren,
      I think our heroes develop over a lot of time and practice. Plus even once we can count on them they can still have ups and downs. Hang in there and keep journaling!!
      xx tj

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    1. Post author

      Hello old friend! Yes, be sure to stop by Hanna’s for another chance to win…

  4. Annie Peters

    At the moment, my family is going through a huge transition. We’ve completely turned our lives upside down to move hundreds of miles from home, and each day seems to bring new unexpected challenges. I need to keep a positive face on things for my sons, mom and husband. To keep from feeling overwhelmed, I’ve been turning back to creating and writing. It’s been a while since I picked up brushes and pen, and my inner critic is having a field day. 🙂 I could use a hero in my head at the moment.

    1. Post author

      Annie! Moving is so tough on the whole family. I’m glad to hear that you’re still creating during the transition and chaos. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Keep journaling..!!!

  5. Kate Burroughs

    Sounds like a great book! Thanks for a chance to win a copy. Congrats on having your piece included. All of us battle with our inner critics. And we are most often our own worst enemy. Other people can see the good in what we do, why do we have such a hard time seeing any of it? I know some of it is lack of confidence and self-esteem, like it could be possible that we can do something well. With my creative efforts I just have to remind myself to keep going. So often I want to quit when it looks ugly, when just a bit more work will pull it around to something I like.
    Aloha, Kate

    1. Post author

      Great points Kate. Sometimes when I think something I am working on looks ugly I just put it away for a few weeks. Often when I come across it again I think, ‘wow that’s not so bad!’

  6. Ulrika Landström

    Feeding my inner hero daily, now that i’m hoping to get in to the art academy.. Difficult, but i do need to try!

    1. Post author

      Wow Ulrika, I hope you get into the art academy too! Fingers crossed for you…

  7. Annie Hamby

    I’m working on turning my inner critic into my inner hero. Sometimes Henry is stubborn though and just won’t turn lose of the negativity. Sigh……….But other days, he’s kind of nice. The book sounds totally awesome and just what I need to get Henry to finally crossover into Hero Land. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. 🙂

    1. Post author

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Being self employed really has it’s ups and downs, we all need a boost at times!

  8. Gill

    My inner critic constantly surfaces when I’m working alone so working with other people, either real or online is my answer!!!

    1. Post author

      That’s some good insight you have! Thanks for taking the time to chirp in. Happy creations!

  9. Jean

    T.J. I’ve been following you for a few years and I’m fascinated with your current work. I started an art journal but my inner critic is so negative that I haven’t done anything in it lately. I’d love to read the book!

  10. Anita Gonzalez

    This idea of the totem is profound in so many ways. The totem suggests that what’s top and bottom matters in a hierarchical way. But what’s interesting about the totem is that the bottom holds up the top. This is what makes your work democratic. The idea that all can contribute and that the top is nothing without the support structure.

    1. Post author

      Anita I’m so flattered that my first art teacher has commented on my blog!

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