Postcard Swap Wrap Up

TJ Goerlitz Mail ArtI love iHanna’s postcard swap.  This year I banged out a bunch of spray painted cereal boxes and sent them across the world.  I really like up-cycling cardboard and transforming the well known images into something new.  I think my love of packaging started when I moved to Europe and would notice the subtle differences among the same brands in different markets.  I also love anything that references culture. This part of me loves to send Cheerios or Kellog’s postcards to places like Sweden or Spain.  I wonder what the recipients make of them.

Both variations of my cards started out with cutting a stencil.  I cut my stencils using a wood burning tool fit with a pointed tip.  This is done by sketching the design on a piece of paper and placing it underneath a thick piece of glass.  Then you lay your stencil substrate over the glass and slowly trace the lines of your design that are protected from the heat under the glass.

TJ Goerlitz Cutting a stencil

TJ Goerlitz StencilThe weather has been SO awful this spring.  My cards were going to be late if I didn’t start spraying.  I was forced to do it inside (for obvious health and drying reasons it’s better to spray paint outdoors in a well ventilated and sunny area).  So please forgive the crazy drop cloth in my pictures but I had to protect the furniture!


TJ Goerlitz Mail Art

The best part about signing up for a postcard swap is all the beautiful handmade art you get back!  Thank you to everybody who sent a little piece of their work to us in Minnesota!  If you’d like to see more postcards from the participants, have a peek here!


8 thoughts on “Postcard Swap Wrap Up

    1. Post author

      So glad you let me know Christie. Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Happy creations, tj


    Wow…you received some very cool postcards! As always yours are unique and creative and wonderful. I’m so happy that I got one of them.

    I do stencils the same way. I haven’t done any for quite awhile but you’ve got me thinking about them again.

  2. iHanna

    Thanks TJ for playing along, making your awesome package/box cardboard postcards (I so love how you recycle and make it pretty), and thanks for sending one my way. I LOOOOOVE it! I can’t wait for summer to come here too, then I will take my spray cans (that I bought on sale this winter) out for a spin along with my art journal(s).


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