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Studio in Storage

StorageBoxesThere is a storage locker filled to the brim with boxes of studio goodies in the underground garage of the building we are moving out of.  I cannot wait to reunite with their contents!  It has been 18 months of transitional living and although I have made the most of it, I cannot wait to have my own workspace again.

There are lots of people who make the most of small spaces but I am not one of them.  I explode all over the living area, taking over everything while trying to get my work done.  I absolutely hate to spend energy picking up or putting things away when I’m not finished.  I like to work through an entire project before cleaning and reorganizing the space for the next one.

So it’s with much excitement that I can report that I will be spending my summer setting up my new studio.  Studio Mailbox will finally have its new home!  I will have the luxury of leaving work out until it’s done again.

MaryHandsFor now, look what a good sport my hubby was last fall helping me pull everything out so I could find two Swiss carving tools I decided I couldn’t keep living without. I thought I had done such a good job clearly marking boxes and separating only the things that were absolutely necessary to work with, but of course I forgot something- and of course they were gouges that couldn’t easily be replaced.  I knew it would drive me nuts until I found them.  I dug through fabrics and jars stuffed with oddities.  I gasped when I stumbled across freaky mannequin hands I had forgotten about.  We dug and dug through dirty beat up boxes until alas, the holy grail of linoleum cutting were unearthed.

PolizeiThe littlest German rediscovered his ride-along toy so I was treated to a police escort back to the apartment and I haven’t touched the boxes since.  I’ve prayed that the weight from over stacking the piles hasn’t destroyed the bottom layer.  I’ve prayed the cars that parked too close to the units didn’t cause too much snow, salt and filth to melt and run under the tarps.  I’ve tried not to dwell on the fact that I saw a squirrel down there once and what he may have done to my hoarded German fabrics.  In turn I’ve had to let go of the fact that I probably could have packed better and chosen off site clean and climate controlled storage.  We did the best with the energy and time we had when we arrived.  All I can do now is wait and see as I start taking the next steps, one box at a time.